Top 5 Headphones Under $100

When it comes to buying headphones, we want the best sound quality headphones available on the market. As headphones are the only escape from the hectic life.

Studies have shown that listening to music not only makes your mood happy but also reduces stress, regulate emotions properly and creates happiness and relaxing in life.

However, There are many adverse effects of headphones. the problem here arises that how can you enjoy your music peacefully when there is a lot of noises around you, making you feel uncomfortable. To avert this situation, some people might increase the sound of their headphones, but this is not the right way to deal with this situation. As, listening loud music over headphones for hours can cause you a headache, ear infection, hearing loss and even problem in air passage through the body as well.

So, now the question comes up that how to deal with this situation? How to hear every sound of music peacefully and clearly without leaving the city?

Well, to answer all sorts of these questions, the technology has given us a solution called “noise cancellation system”. With the help of this system, you can hear up to 99% of the music clearly even being in a traffic jam as well.

But, you might be thinking that this technology must be expensive and only top class people can afford it. Well, to your anticipation, we would like to say that headphones coming with the noise-cancellation system can cost you as less as $100.

Although, the price tag can go up to $500 for this innovative system, in this article we are going to show youTop 5 Headphones Under $100 coming with noise-cancellation. So, without any further delay lets get started.


1) Sennheiser HD 280 Pro: Best Headphone Under $100

Best Headphone Under $100

The well-known company for sound “Sennheiser” has a massive range of headphones with the best sound quality and is ruling in this industry for a very long time.

Design and Build Quality

With a price tag of roughly $ 100, Sennheiser HD 280 Pro comes with a great design and build quality. The made quality of the headphones, it can be easily used for long hours. People may swear, or the gravity pressure, nothing can stop it. The ear cups are turned towards each other, which makes them more safer to fit as they quickly adjust to the shape of your head. Moreover, the headband is easily stable and stays in one place.

Audio Quality

The audio quality is very impressive and more than expectations. The Pro 280 is plenty good at low ends and can manage equally the treble and the base together. Moreover, considering the price range it delivers the perfect amount of lower ends as well as higher ends.


While there are many headphones which are not light and if they do, they are not under $100. The Sennheiser HD 280 Pro could easily adapt the size of your head and can easily fit in. They might feel you like a bit cringy to take around them with you as there is a heavy cable but work well for novice users.

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2) Audio Technica ATH M40x: Best Bluetooth in Ear Headphones

Best Bluetooth in Ear Headphones

Audio Technica is a well known Japanese brand for their sound quality and innovative products. And here, we are going to review one of its best headphones.


Just like its previous model (Audio Technica ATH M50x), the Audio Technica ATH M40x is not small in size either. But the carry box is small, compact and portable.

Design and Build Quality

Despite being the next upgrade to ATH M50x, the company had to cut off the price somewhere along the line in order to make it an affordable product. So, they have done it by limiting the variety of colours in this model.

As in ATH M50x, we have various colour options, there is only one colour option in ATH M50x and that is black. As said above, it is quite big and bulky because it has those 40 mm drivers installed in it. You might think this will be a barrier to comfort, but fortunately, it is not the case with it. After wearing it for too long, no one has reported any issue, even in the warmer weather.

The ear cups rotate very smoothly and freely, without any effort you can adjust them accordingly. Normally, we used to carry a case for carrying headphones around, but in this case, the build quality is so strong that you will not feel any worries even without the carrying case.

Sound Quality

One of the key difference between the Ath M40x and Ath M50x is in the sound driver. Where in ATH M40x the sound driver is 40 mm, ATH M50x has a lil bit big sound driver of 45 mm. This does not make a huge difference and hence does not affect the sonic signature of Audio-Technica.

On testing, the main thing we wanna test was the lows and mids tuning. The bass was perfect and seems to be like shaking the whole room. With saying that, this is not a problem for ATH-M40x, while the other headphones seem to be annoying at this.

The midrange frequency of this product is very clean and accurate. Delivers excellent mid-depths.

The high frequency was very crisp and clear and you can hear every detail within it.

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3) Philips SHP9500 (and 9500S): Best Soundstage Headphones

Best Soundstage Headphones

The company “Philips” is a Dutch multinational company having its main headquarters in Amsterdam, Nederland. Philips is the largest manufacturer of lightning in the world. But, it is also has a good grip on the sound industry as well. In this review, we are going to show you one of their best open back headphones.

Design and Build Quality

You will never need to doubt over the build quality of these headphones. Though they are made up of plastic and metal grills (to cover up the drivers), they are well designed and will never make you feel cheap on your ears. They have huge and large ear cups along with super soft pads added on them.

They are so light weighted that you will never feel a burden whether after a few hours of gaming or carry them around. However, there are some worries regarding the non-removable ear cups and ear pads and your ears might feel a bit sweaty and sticky due to the material used on the cover of ear pads.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is so clear and transparent as they reveal every single note in the sound. Unlike, they simply do not manipulate their consumers with the sound quality and give the best quality of sound that they deserve.

These headphones mainly focus on the vocals and the mid-range frequencies. Though, they do not match the performance as that of flagship priced headphones but provide the best in their price segment.

They are best recommended for gaming purpose apart from the use for other media platforms.

Bass performance may not be the best, but it was good enough at the low ends, no matter what kind of genre you are playing. As told above, these headphones mainly focus upon the vocals and mid ends frequency which is indeed phenomenal.

The high frequencies were up to the mark and will never disappoint you. Just by a quick listening, anyone can feel how much good it is sound quality is.

4) Jabra Move Wireless Headset: Best Wireless Headphones


Best Wireless Headphones

Jabra is a subordinate company of GN Netcom. It manufactures, develops and markets corded and wireless headsets for mobile users, office users, gamers, etc. It has a great hold over the headsets segments from a very long time.

Specifications -:

– 8 Hrs Battery life (while listening to music)

– 12 Hrs Battery life (standby)

– Charging via Micro USB

– Frequency range: 20Hz to 20KHz

– Speaker size: 40mm Dynamic Speaker

Design and Build Quality

As before buying it, you will research it on the internet. And trust us on this one that in real life, it looks way more gorgeous and better. On top of that, these headphones are available in the variety of colours like – red, gold, blue and black, which gives users options to choose from.  

The design is something which needs to be so much immersive and innovative that directly catch the eyes of the buyers instantly and Jabra has done a great work with it by mixing delicately metal, fabric and plastic and definitely it looks good.

The company has made this product so the last longing that it will not break easily. From the soft ear cups to the fabric used in the headband, altogether it is comfortable and durable.

Moreover, the buttons on the headphones are well placed that you can play/pause, take/end calls, increase/decrease sound with just a single touch. Makes the product user-friendly.

Sound Quality

The Jabra Move headset comes with Bluetooth 4.0 along with a 3.5mm audio jack. However, it does not support Qualcomm Bluetooth audio hardware and AptX hardware which regarding the price is something disappointing.

Talking about the sound, the wireless headphones sound good enough, no matter whether wired or wireless which is regarding the price tag is fair.

Treble quality is good even without increasing up the audio level. The bass is powerful enough, thanks to the 40 mm Dynamic Speaker Driver. But it is not as good as that of Bose or B&O. The mid-range frequency is good and is justified for its price.

What is missing in the Jabra Move Wireless headphones is that it is not equipped with the elements to turn a headphone into an appreciable one.

Moreover, their dynamics are not mind-blowing; soundstage is only average in size but still, the details are fairly good, and will not let you down.

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5) CB3 Hush Headset: Best Noise Cancelling Headphones 

Best Noise Cancelling Headphones 

It is not an easy task that to find a headset with ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) feature under $100. But with CB3 Hush, it is. Now you can enjoy the feature of Active Noise Cancellation which previous was found in high-end headphones like Bose and Sony only. However, the quality might make a difference.

In this CB3 Hush review, let us find out how good these are.

Design and Build Quality

The design of this headphone is quite simple and practical as well, with nothing extra added to it. Whether you are a kid, adult or a senior citizen, you will never find it to be difficult to use.

It has those heavy and large padded ear cups, which makes adds comfort when using it over a long time.

The headphones are easily foldable and can be convenient to use. As told above, this product features the Noise Cancellation feature and the On/Off switch is also very well placed. And buttons to increase/decrease volume and play/pause tracks are as well.

Moreover, it looks so cool and fascinating, can easily catch anyone’s attention.

You can also take them with you on long flights as well. The material used with these ear cups is not the softest and gets a little bit warm when used for long hours. But will not cause a lot of discomfort to you.

Sound Quality

The sound of these headphones at a price tag of $100 are above for ANC wireless headphones. You get a perfect mixture of bass and treble, also can clearly feel the magical difference made by the noise cancellation feature.

Again, it will not give you an audiophile experience but still, make you satisfied. This does not mean that its bass level is not good, actually, it is better than other headphones in this segment.

It can be easily connected to the Bluetooth and the signal also remains very strong and hence does not break easily.

Also, the aptX sound technology with it is amazing. It makes the sound crystal clear to hear.

  • Here is the video review of CB3 Hush Headset-


With the technology changing day by day, it is not easy to find the best headphones of your choice. But still, after hours of research, we have shared the best out of best headphones available in today’s market under $100. Hope it will help you.

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