The Top 10 Headphone Brands

Headphones are an integral part of our daily life because music helps us get stressed out and headphones help us get isolated from the world into the realm of music.

But, the market is flooded with headphones, it becomes difficult to select the one which will best serve our purpose. Here are ten of the best headphone brands which will give you an enthralling musical experience.

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1. Sennheiser:

Sennheiser is a German company which produces headphones which are base heavy in nature and provides devices for both consumer and professional usage. Sennheiser headphones can deliver across a host of the frequency with utmost clarity.

2. Bose:

Bose is the first company which produced noise cancelling headphones for consumer purposes. It has a wide range of headphones to choose from which comes with a standard seal of excellence.

3. Apple:

If you are a fan of iPhone and iPads then you have to have an Apple headphone to go with them. When it comes to Apple products, you won’t find a more complimenting headphone than its own.

4. Sony:

When it comes to delivering high performance in the sound segment, there are but few products which can compete with the excellence of Sony. Sony is always innovating with their sound technology which ensures that they bring best to the plate.


5. Grado:

Grado is a brand which creates products for professionals with special emphasis on supra-aural and high-fidelity devices. They have some of the best electricity to sound transducer which makes it famous among commoners too.

6. Denon:

If you want a sound experience which provides you with detailed sound across the whole range of frequency, then you have to try out the headphones from Denon.

7. Creative:

If you are into gaming or use your headphones for long time periods,

then you must look into the likes of Creative which not only provides you with great sound but also a comfort fit which will go on for hours.

8. Beyer Dynamic:

Beyer Dynamic has a motto of “perfect sound is quintessential” and it delivers products which are high in performance and built.

They are top notch and are used by professional musicians.

9. JBL:

Although JBL is mainly known for its speakers and associated machines, it has transferred its audio technology genius into producing world-class headphones.

10. Philips:

Philips produces specialized equipment producing excellent sound.

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