HYPERX CLOUD PRO: Best Gaming Headset 2018
HYPERX CLOUD PRO: Best Gaming Headset 2018

The HyperX Cloud Pro is a meritorious headset that is exquisitely crafted for serious gamers. This is yet another product by Kingston which is seen as an incredible improvement on the famous cloud gaming headset. The model has certification from Discord and TeamSpeak. Besides, it’s fully compatible with a number of applications including Mumble, RaidCall, Skype, and more.

This headset features aluminium frames, impressive 53mm drivers, and the durable leatherette padded headphones. Its spectacular feature helps the headset to produce HiFi sounds with clear and crisp highs, mids, and lows. Its closed cup design is truly excellent and I makes them immersive by nature.

The first impression for this headset is sincerely enticing. Its cables are nicely braided and the elegantly complement the iconic black and red finish and the lightweight aluminium body.  The head set’s ear cups feature a brushed aluminium finish, the HyperX logo (printed in red), and the closed cup design.

Its lightweight nature coupled with its soft padded leather headband accords great comfort to the neck and head. In addition, the headset includes high-quality velour ear pads that are squarely comfortable to the years even when playing gaming or listen to music for a long time.

The headset is powered by a 53mm driver that has a neodymium magnet featured on the inside of the ear cups. The inside of its ear cups features special sound-damping fibre pads which block background noise to produce excellent quality sounds.

The audio experience for this headset is impressive. It produces superb music with a listening comfort that is second to none. It’s sound quality s amazing with crisp and deep base regardless of the volume settings.


  • Greta for gaming
  • Reproduces accurate stereo signals
  • Highly durable and lightweight
  • Decent AMP
  • Excellent background noise reduction


  • It has inline controls

RAZER KRAKEN 7.1 CHROMA V2: Best Gaming Headset PS4

Best Gaming Headset PS4

If you are in the market for an easy to use audio gaming solution, look no further. The Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma V2 is the real game changer. It’s designed for the avid gamers and doesn’t disappoint, it delivers great sound for all your games and its performance in the music front is exceptional.

The Kraken 7.1 V2 is a subtle headset that is truly stunning in all aspects. The device is highly acclaimed for delivering top-notch sound with magnificent comfort for single and competitive gamers. This headset is robust with amazingly thick ear cups. The LED Razer symbol lights up with exquisite capabilities on its two sides. It’s fascinating that this headset lacks the inline volume, however, there is a stylish retractable and flexible microphone that is featured on the left ear cup. The headset connects through a USB cable and is fully compatible PS4s and PCs.

Its size is an immense advantage in terms of comfort. The oversized ear cups and profile presents a lot of materials which provide a tight seal without any unnecessary pressure. Once you have them on, you will get an irresistible light and downright soft feeling that is better than that of other headsets with thinner profiles.

Its audio is excellent in every gaming set up. It music performance is also incredible thanks to its dozen of equalization presets. Whether it’s blues, classical, oldies, or rock music, this headset delivers only the best.

At 11oz, the Kraken 7.1 V2 may not be impressive. Actually, the headset is Gaudy and enormous and will take a lot of space in your backpack. Because of its size, the headset might end up looking ridiculously misplaced in most of your gaming setup. Moreover, the headset lacks a 3.5mm compatibility, it’s impossible to take it with you on the subway.


  • Great sound
  • Good music
  • Many musics presets
  • Extremely comfortable


  • Doesn’t have a gaming audio presets
  • No 3.5mm options

TURTLE BEACH EAR FORCE STEALTH 400: Best Xbox one Headset 2018

Best Xbox one Headset 2018

If you are a PlayStation player and want a relief, look no further. The Turtle Beach Ear Force is an impressive console that will give you incredible comfort and freedom to enjoy your game. Instead of buying many headsets for convenience why not try this multi-format device. It’s compatible with a number of gaming platforms as well as the mobile devices.

The Turtle Beach has many impressive features that make the life for gamers pretty easy and enjoyable. Its microphone is designed to accord comfort and simplicity. When competing with multiple players you do not need to shout. It makes conversations clear and enables you to manage your text messages and calls while enjoying the gameplay.

In addition, the headset has exquisitely designed volume controls that help in managing the game and chats. The equalizers preset accords extra treble and bass and its truly admirable thanks to its customization. The neodymium speakers come as a blessing to all users since they deliver extremely good audio quality. Additionally, the headset has no noise pickups thanks to its excellent noise cancellation technology. The sound clarity is excellent and its 7.1 surround sound provides an unmatched accuracy.

Being wireless, the Turtle Beach uses a battery. The best thing is that this battery has a long life and it’s rechargeable. A single charge can last for more than ten hours, which makes this set well suited for long gaming sessions.


  • Excellent sound clarity
  • Longer battery life
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Adjustable ear cups
  • Wire-free technology
  • Affordable


  • Blinking lights

AUDIOMX GAMING HEADSET: Best Wireless Gaming Headset

Best Wireless Gaming Headset

AudioMX gaming headset is a spectacular device that combines great sound, comfort, and style in one incredibly affordable headset. The headset is overwhelmingly good with an impressive set of features that work in unison to deliver great results. If you are in the market for a great sound device, this is an excellent option.

It features a lightweight elastic headband, soft and high durable over ear cushion, and 2 adjustable headpieces that complement its design to accord optimal comfort. Besides, every aspect of this device has the quality to deliver superb, crisp gaming sound. This coupled with its noise reduction technology will enable you to wear them for long and even enjoy the greatness of its quality without any touch of boredom.

The device is powered by a 50mm driver which guarantee crystal clear and crisp highs, thumping bass, and lush Mids. Even with the headset on you will clearly distinguish footsteps, conversations, and gunshots via its remarkable sound effects. 

The AudioMX gaming headset features an incredible control software. The software controls every aspect of the quality of sound. Moreover, the equalizer, Xear surround max and the scenario mode feature customized settings. This is truly made with all gamers in mind and is fully compatible with a number of devices and in every situation, it simulates quality of the home theatre.

Its adjustable and retractable microphone give you the freedom to adjust its distance from your mouth. The mic controls are super responsive, they make it easy to adjust the settings in a bid to improve the quality of your conversation.

In addition, the braided USB cable is well crafted for your gaming rigs. The cord is long enough is compatible with many devices including; notebook, PS4, and PC. There no download require, they feature a built-in USB interface.


  • Accords maximum comfort
  • Adjustable and retractable mic
  • Has an incredible control software


  • Not lightweight


Best Budget PS4 Headset

The Jabra Move headset is a petit wireless on-ear device that is surprisingly fashionable. This set delivers incredible performance and its exciting design might make you confuse them with some high-end devices. This set is manufactured by a Scandinavian manufacturer and it’s available in combat blue, black, or red. Avid gamers acclaim this headset as minimalistic and slick, it has all the aspects you would want in an audio gaming tool.

The fabric topped headband is relatively thin but it’s strong and pretty flexible. It features a durable stainless steel frame and an upper part that is covered with an exquisite black mesh. The inside of this headband is finished using a grey mesh. The whole headband is stylishly padded to accord optimal comfort even when placed on your head for long. The earphones feature a foam padding that adds to the comfort afforded by this headset. In addition, the headset is pretty lightweight and is excellently comfortable even when long hours of gaming sessions are involved.

The connectors and controls of this set are placed on the 2 earphones. The right earphone accommodates the micro USB port for charging its battery and an elegant switch for turning the Bluetooth mode and the headset on. The LED lighting signals the status (Bluetooth, charging, etc) of the headset.

The left earphone features a multifunctional button that controls phone calls and music. Besides, there is a 3.5mm port that is helpful when using the headset in the wireframe mode. This port proves vital when the device you are using fails to support Bluetooth functions.

Its battery life is excellent at eight hours of listening or up to 12 days standby. This depends on its volume and a moderate volume would probably exceed the promised life. With 40mm speakers and the allied DSP technology, the headset yields an incredibly balanced sound.



  • Lightweight
  • Bold design
  • Full sound
  • Reasonably priced
  • Reliable wireless


  • Little noise isolation
  • Sound leakage

SKULL CANDY UPROAR: Xbox one Surround Sound Headset


The Skull Candy Uproar is an affordable headset that doesn’t compromise on the sound quality. If you are looking for a good budget headset this is an option worth considering. This set is described as easy to use, lightweight, and its bass response is second to none.

Though the Skull Candy Uproar is simple it features a classy design with the brand logo the two sides. It has a stylish and durable build thanks to its matte plastic construction. In addition, its soft faux leather earphones accord stunning comfort while at the same time reducing noise excellently.

Once you have them on you won’t match enough effort to resist the comfort the set accord. The only flip side to its comfort is the compromised secure fit. The earphone might at times fall off your head especially if your head is small.

As aforementioned this headset is truly easy to use. Its controls are equitably design and excellently placed to aid simplicity. The right earphone house the volume control, a micro USB charging port, and the power button. This power button also acts as the play and pause button. Long pressing the button skips or repeats the songs.  The downside to its controls is the absence of 3.5mm port and it micro USB has no capability to double up as one.

The set up for this set is easy, long pressing its power button will turn it on. The LED lighting blinks rapidly once it’s on and at this point, you can pair it with the playback device.

This headset doesn’t disappoint, it measures up to the expectation placed on its brand. It delivers great sound quality with crisp highs and a clear and satisfying deep bass. This quality is well balanced and cannot overpower the music, there is no distortion even when enjoying music at full volume.


  • Optimal comfort
  • Long battery life
  • Reasonably priced
  • Low profile fit
  • Lightweight design


  • No 3.5mm audio port


Best Gaming Headset PC

If you are a competitive player here is an option to give you a reason to smile. The Steel series Arctic 5 is an incredible set that delivers great sound and features an awesome microphone that is distinct from its competitors. If you have had the problem of uncomfortable headphones there is no worry with this set. It is designed to be the perfect remedy for all struggles headsets face.

Its design is nothing but wearable for long hours of gaming sessions without compromising any aspect of its comfort. The set comes in either sleek black or white peripheral featuring a smooth ear cups and an incredibly flexible headband. Once you put them on they will squarely fit and cause no discomfort.

Although the set is large, it has no single extraneous curve or bumps. Whether it’s at home in your gaming nook or an overcrowded subway, this device will look equally elegant. Its headphones feature on the left ear cup is retractable and bendable. Besides, it volume knob is also accommodated on the left ear cup as well as the mic mute button. All the controls are designed in a way that makes them easily reachable without fumbling around.

When comfort is put to balance other manufacturers might want to hide. This headset is an exception, the elastic headband is an instant source of comfort thanks to its ability to conform to the shape of your head. Additionally, there is Velcro strap that is truly adjustable for optimal comfort.

The headset has incredible configurations which make finding the ideal gaming setting a breeze. With the DTS 7.1 surround sound that features amazing game preset and the immersion equalization setting, you will enjoy gorgeous sound effects. Besides, every conversation will sound clear.


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Great audio
  • Sleek aesthetics
  • Sensible software


  • Long convoluted cables

CORSAIR GAMING VOID: Best Audiophile Headphones for Gaming

Best Audiophile Headphones for Gaming

The Corsair gaming void is designed with competitive game players in mind. the headset might not be the best in the market in terms of luxury, but the set oozes class and is one of the best well rounded audio solution at its asking price. If you are in the market for the smart gaming headset, the Void RGB deserves a strong consideration. 

This is a versatile device with plenty of connectivity innovations and magnificent colours. It is a wireless headset that features a 2.4 GHz receiver and an incredible micro USB port for charging. Its design will easily win the heart of any avid gamer. It has a 2 tone combination that looks exquisitely stylish in spite of its gaming peripheral.

Its top section is made of tough plastic that doesn’t look expensive but is highly durable. Its body is adjustable to fit heads of different sizes and its headband has a thick cloth covered memory foam. This makes it very comfortable and can be won for long gaming sessions.

The medium size ear cups are neatly connected to each other by a metal hinge that allows up to 90 degrees of rotation. Its sides feature the elegant RGB Corsair logo with volume control and micro USB connector on the left ear cup. The mic is comfortably adjustable but is stiff and cannot be detached.

One fascinating feature of this headset is the LED indicator that is featured on the tip of the microphone. The indicator can be customized to relay messages in the awesome Headphones Corsair CUE software.


  • Great value
  • Balanced audio quality
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Excellent battery life


  • Loosehead fitting
  • Little quiet microphone

HYPERX CLOUD II: Best Gaming Headset Under $100 

Best Gaming Headset Under $100 

The HyperX Cloud II is a dream headset for an average gamer. It boasts an excellent surround sound processing, big 53mm drivers, and an elegantly designed detachable microphone. The device is compatible with all the gaming platforms including Xbox One, Mac/PC, PS4, as well as all mobile devices. Besides, it features some luxury touches which include an incredible aeroplane headphone adaptor, replaceable leatherette ear cushions, and a convenient carry case.

Although its appearance is underrated, it makes this headset one of the best looking in its category. The headband is coated with leatherette and its ear cups are connected by a solid metal fork featured on both sides. The ear cups sport a stylish, metal brushed exteriors and they swivel back and forth in style. The top of the band features the stunning embroidered HyperX logo.

This is one of the most comfortable headsets for gamers in the modern market. At just 11oz, its feathery lightweight making it one of the bests headsets for long gaming sessions. The memory foam ear cups and the extremely comfortable headband add to its simplicity and comfort.

In terms of its performance, the HyperX Cloud II is spectacular. Its audio output is impressive both in a gaming setting and music listening. 


  • Best in class comfort
  • Lightweight
  • Stylish
  • Includes both plush and pleather ear covers.


  • Lacklustre bass
  • No sound customization software

STEELSERIES SIBERIA V2: Best Gaming Headset Under $50


The Siberian V2 is a spectacular headset from a Danish peripheral vendor. This headset is presented as a passive noise cancellation headset and it has won the hearts of many players. It looks sleek with a smartly built and lightweight frame that is almost bare bone.

The SteelSeries has been credited for taking the console market by storm. On this model, they have heeded the request for longer cables and featured a 6’ extension cable that is attached to 3’ auxiliary cable. However, it’s the tad disappointing that this headset features a rubber cable instead of the trendy braided cloth cables.

The featured microphone has a 50 to 16000Hz frequency response and its sensitivity is equally good at 38dB. Overall, the headset has an 18 to 28000Hz frequency response and 40 Ohm impedance. The featured closed design is acclaimed for blocking background noise while the device is in use. In addition, the ear padding is pretty big and covers your ear fully to help deliver quality sound.

Besides, this earphone is lightweight enough and will feel comfortable whether it’s on your neck or the head. It comes with a suspended padding which exerts no direct pressure on your head thereby complementing its comfort. The microphone is retractable and is featured on the left ear cup. This mic is truly flexible and can be adjusted to be squarely positioned in front of your mouth.

Despite being unpowered, this headset delivers amazing audio quality which is generally impressive when you consider its price. The sound is pleasant to listen to even at high levels of volume. This model also comes with an excellent software that enables you to easily change the settings of its equalizer based on the usage (movie, music, or games).


  • Excellent build quality
  • Good sound isolation
  • Well shaped


  • Muddy bass

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