How to Take Care of your Headphones?

How to Take Care of your Headphones?

Headphones are probably that one item that most of us can never do without. However, do we take proper care of it? It is often found that a pair of headphones lying at some comer of the bag all tangled up and pressed down by some heavier objects. But, it is essential that we do take care of them because taking care of our headphones also involves making sure that they are in perfect working conditions as well as some hygienic benefits.

Given below are tips which you can follow to take care of your headphones:

 Handle earphones with care.

Using earphones have become a very natural thing but certain basic precautions must be taken while handling them. Never try to force the plug into a port. Always use the correct port with the correct plug. Another thing is that you should never subject your headphones to fluctuating temperatures or heat as it
damages the mechanism. Even close proximity to heavy electronic equipment can damage the magnets on your headphones.

 Clean the earbuds.

How to Take Care of your Headphones?

This is an extremely important step because it is related to the basic hygiene that you must always follow. Earbuds have pores which often accumulate dirt and dust and this can be harmful to your ears, especially when you are using headphones for a long period of time. They can be cleaned with a cotton ball wetted with some liquid soap. But be careful to not use excess water or soap as it might seep in through the pores. If you see that the part encased in metal has dust or dirt then you can use a soft brush to gently discard the dirt without causing any damage.

 Roll or fold up the wires neatly.

How to Take Care of your Headphones?

Headphones often get tangled up in knots and they prove to be very difficult to untangle. Other than this, tangled wires can lead to breakage of the wires of cause a defect in the transmission, resulting into poor quality audio. After folding the wires you can use a string or a rubber band to tie it together and keep it compact.

 Change the foam tips:

How to Take Care of your Headphones?

Earbuds may have rubber ends or foam ends. In case they are of foam they make sure that you replace them whenever necessary. If they are used for a long time they will affect the audio quality.

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