Well, buying a good computer speaker is imperative if you want to have a great time while listening to your favorite music. Imagine sitting back and listening to your favorite song at the best of its quality? It’s pretty awesome and soothing, but that doesn’t come easily, you must gather all the vital information before settling for one.

What is a 2.1 speaker?

A 2.1 computer speaker system is the one that comes with a sub-woofer which is supported by two speakers. The computer speakers' market has numerous options and getting the best out of the different options is not an easy task. In a bid to help you make a wise buy, we have put together this list of the 10 best 2.1 computer speakers.

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#1 KLIPSCH PRO MEDIA 2.1 - The Best Desktop Speaker Of 2017

This is an award-winning THX-certified PRO media computer speaker that is produced by a less-known company. The speaker system is reasonably priced and the quality of sound that the speaker delivers justifies every penny spent. The system comes with a subwoofer, two satellite computers, 3.5mm audio jack, and a volume and bass controller. The speaker may seem to include basic features but when it comes to playing music they give you every reason not to regret spending on the system.


When playing at high volume the speaker system delivers lion roars that are only drawn back by some distortion as a result of the unique sound modifications. They can get incredibly loud in volume. Well, thanks to the 200 watts sound power. Its frequency range is also impressive at 31Hz to 20 KHz which makes this speaker perfect for bass lovers. These speakers stand out among its peer, thanks to the uniquely featured volume and bass knobs. Besides being THX-certified, this speaker system is able to deliver an awesome sound experience that can only be rivaled by a few in its class. The micro tractrix horn technology equipped in this speakers is fascinating as it gives you the freedom to enjoy your digital music to the best of its quality.

Here is the Unboxing of Klipsch ProMedia 2.1- 


  • The exclusive micro-tactrix horn loaded technology cancels sound dispersion and enhances the quality 
  • The200 W dynamic power system fills a large room with a booming sound
  • There's a 3.5 mm headphone jack that enables you to enjoy privacy too.
  • Sub woofer produces deep tight bass


  • There's no On/Off switch.
  • There's no treble control.

#2 LOGITECH Z623 - Best 2.1 Speakers Under $150

Logitech is a well-known giant in the production of quality audio hardware. The Logitech Z623 is a pure quality speaker that you can count on to deliver excellent sound experience. The speaker has passed all the strict standard set by THX which is an assurance of great and crystal clear sound. Logitech Z623 is actually a dynamite speaker which produce 200watts sound making it perfect for playing games, watching movies, and listening music. It stands with the gaming speakers.

Logitech Z623 Best Computer Speakers under 200

The speaker system comes with a subwoofer and two well-designed speakers. The bass and volume control knobs are featured on the right speaker for enhanced convenience when adjusting your sound. If you like connecting other devices to your speakers then you will be impressed by the AUX input that is featured on the right speaker. The speaker system is constructed using high-quality material that includes a padded to resist fast vibrations. Despite being bulky the speakers are space efficient and only take little space. This is one of the finest deal in the 2.1 category that you can consider especially if you want studio-quality audio.


  • Power packed with 400 W peak power for powerful sound experience
  • Versatile setup allows you to connect three compatible devices without the need to disconnect while switching devices.


  • The button quality is a bit inferior.
  • Product is a bit expensive compared to the sound quality.

#3 Harman Kardon Soundsticks III - Editor's Choice 

There is no speaker in the modern market that can beat the design of Harmon kardon soundsticks. These speakers are so beautiful that one of its previous models is displayed permanently at one of the famous museum of modern art in New York City. The two speakers of this system are futuristic and transparent featuring four 1-inch wide transducers, whereas the dome-shaped subwoofer features a transducer at its based raised by spaceship-like legs from the surface. This completes the sci-fi design of this speaker system making it a rare type in the modern market.

Harman Kardon Soundsticks III Best 2.1 computer speakers under 200

The 6-inc subwoofer has extremely powerful drivers that deliver laudable bass performance. The system also features a stereo mini-jack for connections to other devices, the jack also gives you the freedom to switch between your devices. For the ultimate listening experience, the speaker are set at a completely adjustable angle. There is also a touch sensitive volume control that is featured on the left computer for increased convenience.


  • The most aesthetic design, minimal space occupancy and crisp and clear sound delivery
  • A convenient On/Off switch is build into the sub woofer volume control
  • The angle flexible satellite speakers let you experience the best possible sound


  • A bit expensive for the features provided
  • Quality of the whole set is non-durable.

#4 BOSE COMPANION 20 - Best quality Speaker System

Bose has built a strong reputation of manufacturing quality speakers. Going by the quality of Bose companion 20 that reputation is well-deserved. The build quality of this speaker system is impressive and it comes with headphone attachment, a control pod for easy volume adjustment, and exterior device connections.

BOSE COMPANION 20 best value speaker

If you are looking for a computer speaker to give you the best experience when listening to electric guitar or acoustic, you will marvel at the bose truespace technology. This technology enables the speakers to produce amazing sound and when coupled with the electronic equalization system all you get is natural sound. The inconspicuous silver finish means the computers can complement any interior design thereby can be kept anywhere in your room.


  • Amazing clarity and precision at high frequencies
  • Durability and unchanged sound quality even if used for years.
  • Best suited for gaming freaks and home theater to fill a large sized room with explosive sound


  • The extra deep bass experience is eliminated with the absence of a sub woofer.
  • Treble is a bit harsh.

#5 Creative A250 2.1 - Best Budget Computer Speakers

You will be fascinated by the fact that this computer speaker system is sold at a very low price point and doesn’t compromise sound quality. Creative A250 is a well-designed speaker system that features the DSE and IFP designs. The system is highly durable and it delivers stunning audio quality with enhanced loudness and bass response. At its price point, this is the best speaker for avid gamer and movies enthusiasts. The subwoofer works excellently with the two satellite speakers giving you great listening experience at great frequency distribution.

The system comes with a power button and a volume controller that are featured on the durable body. The footprints on the speakers make it easier to place them conveniently with the support of the long cord between the speakers. This speaker will not water down your hopes since they look great thanks to the shiny black body and deliver great sound too.


  • The satellites speakers deliver a high pitch.
  • No static noise produced by the sub woofer unlike others in the same price range.
  • The bass and treble is very good for a budget product.


  • The sub woofer doesn't come with a control knob.
  • Requires a software to configure the bass.

#6 AUDIOENGINE A2 Plus - Excellent High-Powered Speakers

The Audio engine speaker is reputable for making small speakers that deliver amazing sound. The audio engine A2 plus is known for its excellent sound that is characterized by elegant simplicity for audio. If you are looking for the best audio upgrade to your computer then this computer will serve you best. It’s the versatility of this computer system that makes it one of the best in the low end category despite lacking a bit.

The system includes USB DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) that's well a bit of innovation added to the old Audioengine A2 speakers. in addition to that, there's a variable audio output that let's you connect to a sub woofer or even wirelessly send audio to other speakers with the help of a W3 wireless adapter. Well, it won' be much dfficult to find the perfect wireless adapter because Audioengine already has these optional accessories for you. With these I mean "Desktop Stands" along with the wireless adapters.  The fact that audio engine delivers impressive sound without this improvisation attest to the fact that this is one of the best. However, the speaker features an integrated digital-to-analog converter that works incredibly to deliver purer signals.


  • Well, despite the size, they hold the ability to put an entire big room brimming up with high quality music at just 60% of the volume setting.
  • The premium look with all the engineering housed in a wooden hand polished cabinet gives it a touch of sophistication.


  • These are clearly not great for some good bass.

#7 GENIUS SW-G2.1 2000 - The Gamer's Choice

Are you an avid gamer? Are you looking for a 2.1 compute speaker to make every gaming experience great? Look no further, the genius SW-G2.1 is specifically designed with the gaming fraternity in mind. The scorpion emblazonment is enough to give you a tip of the function the speaker system can perform. The speaker system comes with a subwoofer, two speakers, and a large control module where everything plugs into. The transducer of the speakers is brilliantly colored in metallic blue while the volume knob is also illuminated by LED light which changes color every time you change the settings.

The system comes at a very reasonable price and this has made it a favorite for many. The cabinet of the subwoofer is ultra-rigid MDF wooden material which is highly durable and strong enough to deliver deep and rich bass. You will also love the curvaceous satellite speakers which are made with a hook design and house the bass and volume control. In case you are obsessed with private listening the headphone jack is availed to give you the desirable listening experience.


  • The rich sound with a great bass delivered at 45 RMS Power is great for gamers
  • The whole setup is right within one's budget and one doesn't need to burn a hole in his pocket.
  • A separate control box that houses the headphone jack, bass knob & volume control for convenience.


  • A minor interference of frequency occurs when phone is placed near to the speakers and the buzz is quite audible.
  • The volume as well as the bass when turned up render malformed sound.

#8 EDIFIER USA 2.1 SPEAKER SYSTEM M3200 - Great Value for Home Theater

Edifier speakers are known for unique designs. The edifier USA 2.1 speaker lives up to the expectations. The speaker system consists of unique visual styling and a fantastic blend of features that gives it a look of a high-end speaker system. It has quality components yet it’s sold at reasonable price point. The system feature a paddled master volume control which is designed to avoid damaging any surface where the speaker sits on.

edifier usa 2.1 speaker

The controller dial is uniquely designed and positioned above 2 3.5-inch jack for audio input and output. The volume dial is surrounded by a blue LED which glows nicely especially under low light. With an output of 16 watts this speaker system is capable of producing great sound and is best to consider when operating on a low budget.


  • For the ranges of sound viz., mids, highs and lows, this speaker delivers every sound clean ans crisp
  • The sleek design and robust sound best fits your Dolby Digital sound and is a good deal for the price! 


  • It disappoints the user when he opts for private listening. The sound is weak and one needs to turn the volume knob up to near maximum when preferring headphones.

#9 CYBER ACOUSTICS CA-3602FFP - Best Budget Speaker Under $40

This is one of the best speakers on our list, it is quite cheap and doesn’t compromise the quality of the sound. This is a complete 3-piece speaker system that has a subwoofer and 2 satellite speakers. One of its cool features is the desktop control pod which is designed to give you full control of the system.

The pod features an on and off switch, volume and bass control, and a LED power indicator. The satellite speakers feature a 2-way, 2-inch high-efficiency drivers that help produce clean and crisper stereo separation. The subwoofer features a 5.25-inch powerpro bass driver that is housed in an acoustically-tuned wood cabinet.


  • ​The bass & treble are pretty good for the price
  • A really convenient control pod that houses the volume & bass control, On/Off switch, headphone jack and aux input for other device connection.
  • It comes at a VERY affordable price.


  • The quality of the material of the speaker is a bit tacky
  • The durability is a bit questionable.

#10 ROSEWILL 2.1 - Best Portable Computer Speaker

If you are looking for the best speaker for action movies, 3D-gaming, or music look no further. The Rosewill 2.1 PC speaker system features immersed bass that gives you the ultimate experience when listening to music, watching movies, or gaming. The two satellite speakers are designed in angled precision to project audio for perfect listening experience. The system has an air hose designed that is perfect for enhanced flow of air, it also features a 2.75-inch driver for wide and realistic mid-high frequencies.

The system also features intuitive controls that make it easier to access the bass and volume control. The speaker system is rated highly and all you would expect is outstanding sound quality.


  • Delivers great sound for the price and is portable & light-weight. Best travel partner for audiophiles.


  • The system feeds on batteries to keep running.

Value Section


Treble and bass control

Expensive doesn’t translate to high quality

Portability and adaptability of the speakers

Extra features


The quality of sound will hugely determine how you enjoy your music, movies, or games. Therefore buying a god speaker system can be a real gamer changer. Before you dive into the market make sure you have all the vital information about your ideal speaker.

Our list has offered the best 2.1 speakers and was compiled after a thorough research on each product. We are pretty sure you will find a speaker system to serve all you need since we have struck a balance between budget, looks, and sounds.

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