Explained! What Are The Different Types Of Headphones?

Are you going to purchase the headphone and aren’t getting desired information online regarding the best one to go for? If yes, then don’t worry. After all, a practically researched review will help you to opt for the most appropriate headphone in your budget.  There are various considerations for buyers before purchasing headphones such as individual taste, budget, preference etc. Hence, let’s take a look at the best headphones to buy:-
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Closed-Back Headphones

Now, gone are the days when the interference of outside commotion used to deter you from listening through your headphone peacefully. Yes, the “Closed-Back hedphones” cuts down the noise while you listen non-stop and it doesn’t emit any sound outside as well. It is the best to buy headphone for those who want to dive into the world of entertainment and music and at the same time attain complete peace of mind. Musicians use it due to its sophistication for smooth and noise-free surroundings where taking care of notes is of utmost importance.

You can get the headphones in two shapes such as

1. Over-ear style

2. Smaller on-ear style

While the first one covers the whole part of ear, unlike the second one, which rests on the top part of ear.

Open back Headphones

Open back headphones have ear-size padding and may produce sound while you listen, unlike the closed back headphones which surround the ear completely and doesn’t emit sound. While listening in public places, if you are the type of person who is least concerned of people surrounding you, then the headphone is an ideal one.

You can wear it for longer duration of time due to its comfortable size

The headphone due to its inbuilt nature, produce a certain degree of sound right from the ear cups. However, it is this feature which audio engineers use for their advantage. The “flat sound” helps them to avoid building of “certain” frequencies by giving them an accurate mix of different notes.

Even the audiophiles while listening to singers prefer an open headphone, as it emits a clearer and flat sound. Thus, they are able to know the real experience of what artists wants them to convey.

On-Ear Headphones

On-Ear Headphones like over-ear-head phones also goes over the head and rests on top of ears. But, the difference is that on-ear-headphones are comparably small in size and so are their cups. While over-ear-headphones are quite large and surrounds ears completely with their padding.

As mentioned that the cups are small, so there is a leakage of sound but they are quite comfortable and can be worn with the least possibility of sweating.

It is your responsibility to select the proper on-ear headphones, so that when they rest on your ears, it doesn’t pressurize your ears much.

Additionally, the best thing is that they are a lot lighter which naturally lessen the pressure on your delicate ears. You can get series of headphones based on your taste and style under this category

Over-Ear Headphones

Over-ear headphones as per its name fit on top of head and its inbuilt structure leaves no chance of sound leakage. Yes, it is also known for creating an isolated relation where you can easily listen to the music without any external confusion or chaos. Through the headphones you get the benefits of the following:-

  • Superior quality sound
  • No chance of external disturbance

Based on the quality of headphone you choose, you can get cups made from extremely soft materials which don’t irritate you when being worn for long. However, you may perspire due to blockage of air.

Wouldn’t it even look funny? If you wear these headphones which seems like you’ve worn two big computer speakers on your ears.


Different users have their needs and as it comprises of a bulky figure, so you can choose if space isn’t an issue for you. However, due to its slightly heavy weight, you may report of some uneasiness when worn for long though. However, having said that, if you are out there for a listening spree and looking forward tosome marvelous, happening and cool music to please your ears, then the headphone stands out to be an ideal choice for you.

In-Ear Headphones

The popularity of the gadget lies in its functionality, sophistication, convenience and also how portable the specific gadget actually is. It is selling like hot-cakes and the attributive factor behind the same is its ‘easy to use’ and ‘carry’. Yes, based on your specific necessities, you can use it accordingly. Due to the fast-paced technological invention, devices have become powerful, yet smaller and sneak peak of the same can be seen through in-ear headphones.

What makes them special is that they get inside a bit deeper right close to eardrums unlike the ear buds which rests on the outer part of the ears. Don’t worry, the tip of the headphones comprises of silicone for a greater degree of comfort and protection. Due to this technical aspect, it ensures a greater level of quality in voice, thus lessening the possibility of any sort of leakage to a great extent. Yes, as the sound directly travel all the way right to your ear.

Hence, it is a must to have a headphone for people who are music lovers. There are loads of models to choose from based on your style and taste. You need to minimize the level of sound for a safer and healthier way of regularly deriving benefits from this.Read also BEST COMPUTER SPEAKERS UNDER $100


Unlike the previously mentioned in-hear headphones, the tip of ear buds isn’t that slim. Yes, that’s the reason why it effectively rests on outer ear and doesn’t go quite deep inside, close to ear canal. Yes, its large circles on the tips help in creating ‘a fix’ to outer ears. Users may report of external sound entering due to its “not-so-close” factor. However, it has its own benefits in terms of emitting “flat” sound which creates a “pleasant change” from the usual headphones if comfort and “change” is what you are looking for. Read here about best earbuds under $50

The advanced quality ear buds take care of quality and precision. They are quite light and provide a hassle free experience. However, their lightness may have a slight issue of its own while working or gymming, as the earphone may get away or fall out.

Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth Headphones as per its name make use of ‘Bluetooth technology’ through a chip which is placed inside resulting in running of your desired music. You attain similar phase in the listening of songs quite like you do with regards to cordless headphones. It creates an easy way to work your way and listen while you are on the move. What’s noteworthy to mention is the quality of sound which is in-line with that of corded headphones.

This piece of technology is an advanced entrant and considering the relatively new preposition, you may have to shell a bit more, for purchasing the headphone.

The most obvious benefit highlighting the headphones lies in it being too classy, innovative and are available in different models such as ‘over-ear’, ‘on-ear’, ‘in –ear’, ‘wireless ear buds’ etc. You may have to recharge them often, that is something which you have to take care of.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Noise-Cancelling headphones as per their name cancel the possibilities of any noise right mid-way from reaching to your ears. This is done through “small microphones” placed on the outside of ear cups”, which cancels the in-coming chaos and commotion through minimizing the frequency of outside/surroundings. Now, by the time the sound hits the ear pads, it is able to eliminate the sound. While in the event, if there is a need to cancel higher frequency sound, then there is a “sound proofing” feature which keeps any outside commotion and chaos at bay.

There is a wide list of places where you can make the best use of this technological invention. Quite prominently, as people while traveling by air especially use the headphones as it minimizes the frequent commotion produced by engine. Similarly, you can think of places where you don’t want the surrounding noise to create any disturbance. Isn’t it great?

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